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SEC Filings

FOREST CITY REALTY TRUST, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 12/07/2018
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Section 1. CERTIFICATES. Except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws, this Section shall not be interpreted to limit the authority of the Board of Directors to issue some or all of the shares of any or all of its classes or series without certificates. For certificated stock, each stockholder, upon written request to the Secretary, shall be entitled to a certificate or certificates which shall represent and certify the number of shares of each class of stock held by him in the Corporation. Each certificate shall be signed by the Chairman of the Board, the President or a Vice President and countersigned by the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary or the Treasurer or an Assistant Treasurer. The signatures may be either manual or facsimile. Certificates shall be consecutively numbered. A certificate is valid and may be issued whether or not an officer who signed it is still an officer when it is issued. Each certificate representing shares which are restricted as to their transferability or voting powers, which are preferred or limited as to their dividends or as to their allocable portion of the assets upon liquidation or which are redeemable at the option of the Corporation, shall have a statement of such restriction, limitation, preference or redemption provision, or a summary thereof, plainly stated on the certificate. If the Corporation has authority to issue stock of more than one class, the certificate shall contain on the face or back a full statement or summary of the designations and any preferences, conversion and other rights, voting powers, restrictions, limitations as to dividends and other distributions, qualifications and terms and conditions of redemption of each class of stock and, if the Corporation is authorized to issue any preferred or special class in series, the differences in the relative rights and preferences between the shares of each series to the extent they have been set and the authority of the Board of Directors to set the relative rights and preferences of subsequent series. In lieu of such statement or summary, the certificate may state that the Corporation will furnish a full statement of such information to any stockholder upon request and without charge. If any class of stock is restricted by the Corporation as to transferability, the certificate shall contain a full statement of the restriction or state that the Corporation will furnish information about the restrictions to the stockholder on request and without charge.

Section 2. TRANSFERS. Shares of the Corporation shall be transferable in the manner prescribed by law and in these Bylaws. Transfers of shares of the Corporation shall be made on the books of the Corporation only by the holder of record thereof or by such person’s attorney lawfully constituted in writing. No transfer of shares shall be valid as against the Corporation for any purpose until it shall have been entered in the stock records of the Corporation by an entry showing from and to whom transferred. Upon surrender to the Corporation or the transfer agent of the Corporation of a stock certificate duly endorsed or accompanied by proper evidence of succession, assignment or authority to transfer, the Corporation shall issue a new certificate to the person entitled thereto, cancel the old certificate and record the transaction upon its books. The Corporation shall be entitled to treat the holder of record of any share of stock as the holder in fact thereof and, accordingly, shall not be bound to recognize any equitable or other claim to or interest in such share or on the part of any other person, whether or not it shall have express or other notice thereof, except as otherwise provided by the laws of the State of Maryland. Notwithstanding the foregoing, transfers of shares of any class of stock will be subject in all respects to the Charter and all of the terms and conditions contained therein.