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SEC Filings

RATNER ALBERT B filed this Form PX14A6G on 11/01/2018
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Mr. Ratner’s statement of his intention to vote against the transaction relates solely to the shares he and his wife control and he does not purport to speak for the intentions of other members of the Ratner family.

Forest City shareholders with questions or who wish to discuss the pending transaction are welcome to contact Saratoga Proxy Consulting, an information agent engaged for such purpose by Mr. Ratner, at (212) 257-1311, or toll-free (888) 368-0379 or

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The cost of this communication is being borne entirely by Mr. Albert Ratner.  Mr. Ratner is NOT asking for shareholder proxies. He will not accept proxy cards, and any proxy cards received will be returned.

Investor Contacts:
Saratoga Proxy Consulting
Joe Mills or John Ferguson
(212) 257-1311 or toll-free (888) 368-0379

Media Contacts:
Kekst CNC
Jim Fingeroth or Lindsay Gross
(212) 521-4800

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