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FOREST CITY REALTY TRUST, INC. filed this Form PREM14A on 09/21/2018
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of the Company, and Lazard was not furnished with any such valuation or appraisal, except for certain third party appraisal reports with respect to certain real estate assets of the Company provided by the Company for reference purposes. With respect to final business case projections utilized in Lazard’s analyses, Lazard assumed, with the consent of the Company, that they were reasonably prepared on bases reflecting the best currently available estimates and judgments as to the future financial performance of the Company. Lazard assumed no responsibility for and expressed no view as to any such forecasts or the assumptions on which they were based.

In rendering its opinion, Lazard assumed, with the consent of the Company, that the merger would be consummated on the terms described in the merger agreement, without any waiver or modification of any material terms or conditions. Lazard also assumed, with the consent of the Company, that any special REIT taxable income distributions will be paid to holders of shares of common stock immediately prior to the effective time, such that the holders of shares of common stock that receive such amount also receive the per share merger consideration. Lazard also assumed, with the consent of the Company, that obtaining the necessary governmental, regulatory or third party approvals and consents for the merger would not have an adverse effect on the merger. Lazard did not express any opinion as to any tax or other consequences that might result from the merger, nor did Lazard’s opinion address any legal, tax, regulatory or accounting matters, as to which Lazard understood that the Company had obtained such advice as it deemed necessary from qualified professionals. Lazard expressed no view or opinion as to any terms or other aspects (other than the total consideration to the extent expressly specified in the opinion) of the merger, including, without limitation, any allocation of the total consideration, the form or structure of the merger or any agreements or arrangements entered into in connection with, or contemplated by, the merger including, without limitation, the merger support agreements. In addition, Lazard expressed no view or opinion as to the fairness of the amount or nature of, or any other aspects relating to, the compensation to any officers, directors or employees of any parties to the merger, or class of such persons, relative to the total consideration or otherwise.

In connection with rendering its opinion, Lazard performed certain financial analyses and reviews of certain information that Lazard deemed appropriate in connection with rendering its opinion as summarized below. The summary of the analyses and reviews provided below is not a complete description of the analyses and reviews underlying Lazard’s opinion. The preparation of a fairness opinion is a complex process involving various determinations as to the most appropriate and relevant methods of financial analysis and review and the application of those methods to particular circumstances, and, therefore, is not readily susceptible to partial analysis or summary description. Considering selected portions of these analyses and reviews or the summary set forth below without considering the analyses and reviews as a whole, could create an incomplete or misleading view of the analyses and reviews underlying Lazard’s opinion. In arriving at its opinion, Lazard considered the results of all of its analyses and reviews and did not attribute any particular weight to any particular analysis or review or application thereof considered by it; rather, Lazard made its determination as to fairness on the basis of its experience and professional judgment after considering the results of all of its analyses and reviews.

For purposes of its analyses and reviews, Lazard considered industry performance, general business, economic, market and financial conditions and other matters, many of which are beyond the control of the Company. No company, business or transaction used in Lazard’s analyses and reviews, as a comparison, is identical to the Company, its business or the merger, and an evaluation of the results of those analyses and reviews is not entirely mathematical. Rather, the analyses and reviews involve complex considerations and judgments concerning financial and operating characteristics and other factors that could affect the acquisition, public trading or other values of the companies, businesses or transactions used in Lazard’s analyses and reviews. The estimates contained in Lazard’s analyses and reviews and the ranges of valuations resulting from any particular analysis or review are not necessarily indicative of actual results or values or predictive of future results or values, which may be significantly more or less favorable than those suggested by Lazard’s analyses and reviews. In addition, analyses and reviews relating to the value of companies, businesses or securities do not purport to be appraisals or to reflect the prices at which companies, businesses or securities actually may be sold. Accordingly, the estimates used in, and the results derived from, Lazard’s analyses and reviews are inherently subject to substantial uncertainty.